Purchasing The Right Set of Laguiole Cutlery & Knives

5299-tranchierbesteck-oliveApparently, all of us love to eat delicious food very much and that’s why we use best tools and applications that can help us to make the food as delicious as we want. Mostly men who are married and love their respective wives immensely are dedicated to help them in making food and that’s the reason why whenever there is any type of family or personal occasion then these husbands are always tend to gift their wives with best of the cutlery that is available in the market and that can actually make them happy because cooking department inside the home comes under their control initially. Thus, if you are one such devoted husband and loves to eat delicious food made by your wife than you will surely present her with laguiole cutlery kitchenware that is best known for its quality and performance around the whole world.


Not just in private home kitchen, these type of kitchenware is also used in restaurants and hotels to make food by reputed chefs who know to make the food not only just for deliciousness but also for the style and decoration that will eventually attract everyone in the hotel to order the dish in great quantity for consumption. These can be possible only if the chef is using quality oriented knives and cutlery that is known for its uniqueness and all round performance. Now, people who want to talk especially about laguiole folding knives then these knives are also known for being multi-purpose knives because they can be used for numerous purposes because these knives are portable knives that can be used anywhere and whenever they are needed. You can use them for self-defense purposes when you are alone and your hostile enemy is armed. You can also use it as opener for opening the sealed cold drink bottles. If you are going on a picnic or long drive and in case, you feel hungry on road then you can use it to spread jam or butter on the bread kept in your back pack.

You can use the laguiole pocket knife also for the same purpose. For more details about these high quality knives, please visit the site of ‘Original Laguiole’ for more details.

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Exquisite Laguiole Knives For Your Kitchen

claude_dozorme_linerlockAre you sure you have a perfect set of knives placed right now on your cutlery stand of your kitchen? If you are quite confident about it than you must have never tried Laguiole knives.It is an absolute word of mouths in the world of sharping edge. A superior class of knives is not an unknown item as it is universally accepted across the globe for its excellent features. Dating back its history will leave you mesmerized with interesting facts. The quality of these knives itself shows how the tradition of around two centuries has been well preserved and passed down from one generation to the next.

aaaaMoreover, with a sincere craftsmanship and hard work these cutting edges are carved to serve the passion of the chefs around the world. Not to mention these knives are very much loyal with its extremity of sharpness. Purchase of these finest and first-class Laguiole knives won’t be a difficult job as you can certainly find them at http://original-laguiole.com.These are exclusively hand-made to confirm the quality and sharpness. A wide range and variety of these delightful blades are available here.

claude_dozorme_laguiole__bread_cutter_1248_2Apparently, you can’t miss the preparation of steaks without Laguiole steak knives for sure. Similarly, there are other types like cutlery sets, waiter’s knives, hunting knives, carving sets, butter knives, champagne sword, sommelier knives, letter openers and the list goes on.

en_aubrac_rasierset_olive_1Not only they add extra charm to your kitchen but a Laguiole pocket knife can accompany you everywhere during your travel.The versatility of the features is just unbeatable. The handles are specially taken care of. It is an inevitable fact that using a knife with light weighted handle is prone to injury. Consequently, considering the apprehension handles are specially made of ivory, wood and other tough material for long lasting effect. So if you are passionate about cooking, go get one of these elegant blades to have a world class cutting experience.

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Laguiole knives will give you an excellent and incredible slicing experience

tA chef is a sole ruler of the kitchen accompanied with his signature cutleries. Among them, knives have a special importance? He knows how to buy and use a perfect knife. Though you will get a large range of varieties in the market, but for a smooth cutting experience, one has to identify the type of knife he requires. But on the positive side, the laguiole knives are the most world renowned for cutting edges. It has profusely survived through many years and is still a favourite one on an elite list of every chef. It would be very common to find a chef with his favourite set of these knives. As the name suggests, the history takes us down the memory lane of its origin dated few centuries ago in a small village of Laguiole where these knives were traditionally carved by the craftsmen.

Laguiole-ECH 3_82343

A laguiole pocket knife was a result of very hard work and creativity of the locals who have carried their tradition generation and after generation with true dedication. Presently these knives have won over millions of heart for its smooth and sharp edge. The precious materials that are used to prepare them not only make them special but also contribute a long life to it. A knife with a heavy handle should be always preferred while buying a new set of knives as it would give a fine grip. A knife with light handle might be dangerous to hold as it may slip, often hurting the user. The makers of laguiole knives ensure to make heavy handle head with fixed blade.


It is truly impressive that a laguiole knife can be easily identified from other set of knives. You can find them as the web store avail different varieties of these flawless knives like laguiole pocket knife, steak knives specially used for cutting steaks, sommelier knives, dinning knives, butter knives, dessert, and table spoons around the world. So do not delay, order them as soon as possible if you are fond of cooking and want to enjoy cutting.

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Wonderful & Flawless Laguiole Knives

ttttIt is a fundamental and basic knowledge that you cannot be able to cook food without cutting them into several small pieces. To cut raw form of foods such as vegetables and fruits, one will have to purchase the accurate set of knives for completing the objective of cooking food. For buying or purchasing right set of knives, the user must have to use his/her intellectual qualities and also must have a bit of consideration for the budget in hand. It might be easy when you are choosing knife set that has a good face value without good quality. It will be much better to purchase better quality knife sets such as laguiole knives that is one of the most popular & trusted brand mostly known for its quality and cutlery.


These knives are well-known for being made in the southern part of the France and are being produced for almost two centuries. These knives are basically known for their basic craftsmanship, elegant & sharp cutting edge as well as complete high quality construction gives it a spectacular edge over other knives. Currently, Laguiole cutlery comes in a variety of forms including corkscrew, flatware sets, and pocket knives as well as the old-fashioned single blade. But what will you do when you are staying in some far-away cold regions where you have to consume steak as your staple food? In such circumstances you will have to go for laguiole steak knives. These special knives of Laguiole are designed for cutting the steaks exactly the way the user or consumer wants to have them cut in order to cook and serve them for the family. These knives are available in various styles and handles. The consumer must be careful while selecting steak knives otherwise any ordinary set will not be very helpful to them. While purchasing steak knives try to buy those by testing the grip of the knife otherwise you will not be getting good grip while cutting the steak. And most importantly, the steak knife has to be very sharp edged and easily gripped to cut the pieces of steak very easily.


As a consumer, you can also opt for laguiole pocket knife for cutting or executing minor products while on picnic or trekking.

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Reasons That Make Laguiole Knives So Famous & Popular


Nearly everyone who makes food for his/her family uses knives. Practically & tactically it is used for making the food eatable when it is nicely cut into various eatable shapes and sizes. So for such specific purposes only quality oriented knives are always recommended to be used in the kitchen of residential homes as well as in the restaurants for making food as easily and smoothly as possible without any difficulty and without any delay. It is advised & recommended to use laguiole knives for making delicious food for your dinner table. These knives are well-known in the world for their bright craftsmanship and high unimpeachable quality. For your knowledge, it will be better to inform all of you that these knives were initially used by shepherds in the village of Laguiole, France in 19th century.


In the beginning these knives are known for being manufactured in the southern part of France. These knives were being shaped for almost two centuries and this knife are known for their sharp cutting edge, largely high quality construction and for having grip handles. There are many types of knives such as laguiole folding knives that are quite famous and can be used to cut tight and entangled ropes while climbing mountains or use it as a self-defence weapon whenever the user of the knife is in danger.


There are some other important types of knives that further popularize this branded product. These special knives are known as laguiole steak knives that are particularly used for cutting steaks. In western countries, people are known for eating steaks as that is their favourite meal during winter. The specialised steak knives can efficiently cut steaks into pieces that can be done by using and implementing ordinary knives that have low-quality and efficiency and cannot be considered appropriate for cutting any food material. So these are the merits of Laguiole knives that make it so famous in the world. For more information, please visit the website. original-laguiole.com

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Laguiole Knives Will Give You The Best Cutting Experience

nbnbEvery foodie who loves to cook knows the importance of kitchen cutleries. Among them knives have their own charm. But while using it one has to be experienced and careful as well in order to avoid any accident. Moreover when we are buying it, also need to check the standard and sharpness of the edge.  Largely it has been seen that after using knives for a while it is liable to lose its sharpness and become blunt. People are always mistaken to take a blunt knife to be safe, but let me tell you that when you use this blunt knife, it will tend to slip and hurt you. So it is always advised to use a sharp knife. Moreover when we speak about knives, laguiole are the well known for its reputation all over the world.


They have their own history that how in early day these knives came into existence as result of skilled hard work and craftsmanship. Since two centuries it’s been traditionally handcrafted to satisfy the standards. These come in wide range of varieties like steak knives, waiter’s knives, champagne swords, butter knives, desert forks and laguiole folding knives etc.

Couteau Laguiole

These are the most trusted variety of knives that carry pride and tradition with them. The blade of   laguiole pocket knife and others are made up of stainless steel and different strong material. Although to serve the grip, the handles of knives are made up of wood, ivory, metal etc. Not to mention that, it should be always be noted, a good knife always have a heavy handle, this avoids the possibility of being skipped. I have a laguiole knife that has a beautiful antique design on the handle which I love to adore every time I use. Moreover these exquisite and remarkable knives also require a proper care to perform well. So if you are looking for great cutting experience in kitchen, you should definitely have a laguiole knife for yourself.

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Buy Yourself Some Best Collection Of Laguiole Carving Knives

laguiole_table_couteau_steakI was totally disheartened, when I was hunting for a pair of good knives in the market and finally it did not turned up the type I wanted. I really feel that finding a good knife requires an eagle eye. You can‘t just mindlessly pick up any edgy thing. You need to know the weight and the grip of the knife. Additionally one must also know the purpose for its use. But luckily all of sudden I was gifted a carved knife by a friend of mine that was not only beautiful but also truly appreciating equipment. It was a set of laguiole knives. There was a small writing on the handle which was made up of ivory.


When we plan some like steaks for the dinner, the biggest problem is to get stuck in the middle of cutting it. Irregularly cut steak doesn’t look good to present to any; a sharp knife is the need of the hour. With my personal experience I must say that you will enjoy the smooth cutting of steaks with laguiole steak knives. Of course why not?  They are specially designed for cutting them.Capture

You can surely browse for them online; you would get large varieties of laguiole cutleries that range from low to high in pricing. Generally people think it to be a bit expensive, but I must throw some light regarding it, these ranges of knives are unique in their own way. They have been prepared by very skilful and experienced workmen. It has its own history to cheer.


You can order butter knives or bottle knives, or even a laguiole pocket knife; so different knives for different purpose are available on just a few clicks away from you. The handle of every knife is beautifully carved and made up of different things like, metal, wood, ivory and even horns, etc. Your kitchen certainly deserves knives of its own kind.

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